It makes “Sense” to invest YOUR “Dollars” in LAR Genetics!

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Lundgren Angus Ranch focuses on marketing yearling bulls through our annual “Dollars” & “Sense” production sale each February that are able to produce in any environment. Bulls are weaned in late August and developed on a ration which allows them to express their genetic potential, while maintaining a desirable body condition so they are ready to be turned out to breed cows. LAR bulls have proven their adaptability from the western mountains of Utah, to the northern plains of the Dakotas to the southern plains of Oklahoma and Texas and to the rolling hills of Ohio. In 2018, LAR began individual feed efficiency testing our bulls to provide additional information that allows our customers to make even more informed decisions on the genetics they want to put into their herd. At the same time, LAR joined the $Profit™ Team which we believe provides excellent indexing information that allows producers to further hone in on their genetics selections to help achieve their breeding objectives. We stand behind our bulls because we believe they will work well for our customers — and that is precisely the feedback we continue to receive from our many customers across the country.

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